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Chess Club

Available for Windows Phone 7 devices

We've put together many chess programs in the last fifteen years, and I'm proud to say this is the best one so far.

Chess Club is for serious chess players.  You won't find any 3D chess boards here--just the piece images you expect, rendered crisply on a simple but elegant 2D board.  Animation is smooth, highlights aren't distracting, and the colors are subtle and customizable.  Concentrate on the game, eh?

And you'll need to, because Chess Club doesn't pit you against your puny cell phone: it connects you to either the Internet Chess Club or the Free Internet Chess Server, where you'll find a live opponent at your skill level day or night.

Chess Club also brings you online chess lectures, endgame study (how's your bishop-and-knight endgame?) and chess puzzles to keep you sharp.  And with one tap you can sit back and learn from the professionals as the grandmasters play five-minute games.