Some introductory screen shots for Praetor. These were all captured live off the emulator at 50% scale as I started a new campaign and ran through a brief battle.

These first shots are of the menu:

What you're not seeing from these pictures is that the cloud field is pervasive and animated; it's actually very pretty, and hopefully not too distracting. Also note the shiny sparkles in the third shot below; Praetor has a nice little particle effect engine that will be used for over a hundred different on-board effects as you employ various cards and abilities. Anyway, on to the campaign map screen--and since it's a new campaign, there's not much of the map revealed yet.

Okay, into a battle. I'm green, my opponent is the blue crab. You can see the cards in my hand there at the bottom of the screen, and the button on the bottom-right is for End Turn. All the UI is live here: you can drag pieces around on the board, tap them to find data, double-tap to apply actions, tap-and-hold to open the card's details, drag pieces from the hand onto the board, scroll sideways among the cards in your hand and so on. Of course, it's hard to show any of that in pictures.

...and no, in the last shot those hearts and overlapping pieces don't indicate something unsavory going on. Here the blue piece is attacking the green one, which is being bumped off its square and is losing two health. It's much more clear with the animation, where you see two little hearts flying away and disappearing.